Tuesday, April 17, 2012

17 week old Java, finals, Violet, Zaiden.

It's finals month, y'all.
That means that every hour is either sleeping, eating, in class, working on things that are due for school, studying, doing housework, cooking, taking care of the dogs, volunteering, or guiltily doing nothing because no one can go 24/7 without stopping for a breather, yet I never schedule breathers for myself. They just happen when I can't not anymore, which really makes it impossible to actually enjoy the rest or recreation. I hope to find a better way to deal with that habit of mine next semester.

Enough about that, how about some dog pictures?

And here are a few of my friend's sweet baby's photo shoot on Friday!


  1. Awesome pictures! Java's ears are looking good! :)

  2. Java just gets cuter and Violet gets more beautiful. What a sweet little baby, I miss baby's my grandnephew is 3 now. However; I love toddlers too :) the last photo of the baby shoe is very nice.

    1. Thanks, Lorelei. :) My nephew is three too and I would just love to photograph him. Funny you'd mention the shoe, baby Zaiden had a bit of a meltdown and needed to regroup and get changed and fed and have a break in the middle of his shoot, and his mom was showing me his expansive collection of cute shoes while I was sitting by the backdrop waiting to start again. I thought hey, that would be fun to photograph while I wait, haha!

  3. Java's ears are precious! He's such a handsome dog, wow. And Miss Violet, she is so gorgeous!

    The baby pictures are so sweet! You did a beautiful job. I love that little shoe and those sweet little baby cheeks, aww!