Tuesday, March 27, 2012

I would just sure hate for anyone to feel deprived of Java pictures.

True story: this was originally a much better composed full-body portrait, and in post-processing I noticed, with some horror, that his...little boy parts were...out. The photo looked a lot better bigger, but it was quite noticeable. Can't say that I've ever had that happen while photographing a dog before.

Recall games this afternoon...me to Eric, Eric to me, over and over again with rewards upon arrival. 

He had zoomies, and paused juuust long enough for a picture before sprinting away again. Note the crazed look in his eyes.


  1. Great pictures! I love the look of his paw in the last one!

  2. IN that first photo he has so many colors going it's like he was filmed in the old Kodachrome! Love these! I've never seen a dobie with a coat or eyes like that :) Can I share him on my Facebook page with a link to you?

    1. Oh, please do! His color is fawn, it's normal but recessive. :) And now I have that old Paul Simon song, Kodachrome, stuck in my head. If you tell me what your FB page is, I'll like it!

  3. He has the sweetest little face! He's so handsome and these pictures are fantastic!