Friday, March 16, 2012

We are the proud owners of...

A mini-van and a Doberman Pinscher.

The van is named Petunia. The Doberman, Java.

We were lucky enough to find an amazing deal on an older Ford Windstar after the death of the Cavalier, Cecilia. Cecilia was officially totaled out. She's had a few issues, but we find ourselves surprisingly fond of her, and hope that her issues will all be resolved.

Java, however, has had no issues. He's been home for a minute now, but after the experience fostering Griffin and being unsure about whether he would be permanent, I wanted to wait a minute before announcing him.

Here he is. Java, a three month old Fawn Doberman. He is the dog of our dreams. He could not be more perfect for us in every way. He has gone everywhere with us that is safe and sane, he's nearly entirely potty trained, his ears are almost standing already, and most importantly, we adore him, and he adores us. He adores Violet, Violet adores him. Our families adore him, he adores them. It is a never-ending lovefest around here. I can't even report any typical puppy-raising woes - he is just perfect. Beautiful, smart, calm, loving, cuddly, easy, amazing pup.

Feast your eyes.

The van had a crack in her windshield, so we needed to take her in to have it replaced today. We had Java with us, and it was uncertain whether he was allowed to wait with us in the lobby (someone told me yes, different guy told Eric no), so we decided the hell with it, let's go across the street to Hooters and kill this hour with a couple sodas and an appetizer. It was a gorgeous day, and they have outdoor seating, and I was thirsty. Java made plenty of friends at Hooters. It was an interesting, but effective socialization opportunity. Then we went back across the street and waited the last ten minutes until Petunia was ready.

The waitress brought him a bowl of water. Too sweet. He was seconds away from becoming the Hooters mascot. 

Delicious, unhealthy onion rings. Mmm.


Java in the van.

Java in the van again. (He will be getting a seatbelt this week. Things have been hectic.)

At family night, curled up asleep under the table with my grandmother's Dachshund, Chloe.



  1. Welcome Java! Happy St. Patty's Day!

  2. What a beautiful coat and those blue eyes! :D Happy for you on all counts!

  3. Aww! He is such a handsome little puppy! I can't get over those blue eyes, they're gorgeous. It sounds like he fits in perfectly, so glad!
    Congrats on the van, too! :]

  4. So glad to read that you resolved the vehicle problem. Java is simply stunning! Congratulations on the addition to your family!

    Nina, Myshka, Sasha, Betsy, Lucy, Phoebe and Lily