Monday, September 17, 2012

A Rare Mischief Monday

I don't usually participate in Mischief Monday, because let's be real here, you guys would get bored after a month or so of pictures of chewed up paper towels, toilet paper, and Kleenex, because each and every one of these dogs is absolutely helpless in the face of a stray paper product.

But this week, it begged to be shared.

A few days ago, I was letting the dogs into the backyard. Java was a little bit charged up, but nothing outrageous. He stepped on my bare foot with one of his back feet and kicked his 65lb. self off and into the backyard. We wondered for a while if it was broken, but no. Just magnificently bruised.

This picture was before the bruises had fully bloomed and in no way does them justice, but it does at least partially convey that my foot was purple from where my toes start all the way to my ankle.

Oh em gee. Ouch.

So let's review the list of injuries inflicted by this dog:
  1. Canine tooth jammed so far underneath my thumbnail that it was almost to the nail bed and forever altered the shape of that little crescent where the nail extends past the nail bed in his exuberance to take a treat.
  2. Split, bloody bottom lip from a very hard Doberman head that was way too excited to be getting a hug.
  3. A bite from an excited frisbee game that left a scar on my hand.
  4. Countless scratches and bruises on my hands, arms, and legs.
  5. The foot incident.
Almost every one has been because he was way too happy. Damn happy dog.