Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dog Day Afternoon ft. Woofstock 2012

A couple weeks ago, Dog Day Afternoon was here! It was not quite as fun as last year, but I'm still glad that we went. It seemed so wrong without Piper. She had a lot of fun last year, and Violet has never been quite as stable as far as anxiety since Piper died, so I think that she had a lot more fun last year, too.

Last year...


This year we took Violet and Natalie just for an hour or so. Violet was quite nervous, and we left early.

Scratch Mobile Comfort Food: best burger I've ever had. 

Natalie pooped out.

Hopefully next year will be a little nicer.


  1. Looks like the pups had fun. Though we didn't know you could tire out an Ausie.

    1. She'd had Dramamine - she gets carsick. I think that that's the only way, haha!

  2. Yeah, Dramamine does that to me, too lol