Monday, October 8, 2012

Semi-Failed Experiments and Why I've Been Absent, Plus 29 Pictures

If you've wondered why the regular hijinks of Violet, Java, Natalie & Co. have been absent but for Wordless Wednesdays for a couple weeks, allow me to explain.

For a couple of months, one of my molars had been hurting, a little and then a little more and then a lot. I was going through NSAIDs like they were M&Ms and frankly was very, very, very afraid for my liver. Ibuprofen, acetaminophen, naproxen, etc., had all gone from working for 6 hours to working for 4 to working for 2 to I was still waiting for them to kick in 3 hours after taking them. Dental insurance is one thing that I do not have, and while we could afford an extraction, a root canal was going to be into the thousands and that was pushing it. Also, I was afraid that I was going to have to have my molar pulled and look like a hillbilly, I won't lie.

Ultimately, it hit a point where I could think of absolutely nothing but the blinding pain I was in, enough was enough, I really didn't even care anymore if I did look like a hillbilly anymore, and Eric drove my crying self to get some emergency care.

Turns out I get an F on the "Identify the Painful Tooth" exam, and what I thought was a molar kind of toward the front was a wisdom tooth of all things. It had cracked and developed a ping pong ball sized abscess above my wisdom tooth that was so evil that it was putting pressure on the nerves of four of my upper molars, and radiating into my cheekbone, eye socket, jaw, everything. They said that it could've ruptured into my brain, which would've been a very, very scary thing. It had to come out then. It was excruciating, but hey, I don't look like a hillbilly and I don't want to die from the pain and we didn't bankrupt ourselves. Win-win-win.

I spent several days in a pain medication fog. Missed a whole day of classes, which I never do. It's been 8 days now and I am on the mend.

That aside - I had a bright idea to begin a relationship boot camp with my camera. I've fallen into a slump of "It's a birthday party/special occasion/planned photo shoot, bring the camera." My mom is sending me text messages of ridiculously cool pictures that she's taken with her phone of just any old thing that she sees, and that used to be my style, too. I'm over my lighting issues, I'm over my ISO issues, and I need to start bringing my camera everywhere again. So I decided - for a week, I'm going to photograph everydamnthing. Just anything and everything. Catch the cool, arty, unexpected, quality photos, and catch the moments that are going to take a flash that I just don't catch because they won't be "good enough." All of it, and go from there. I was set to start that the day after the wisdom tooth removal, and in spite of everything, I actually did do it that day (results to follow). I fell off the wagon after that (Vicodin...), but I'm starting it again soon.

So here you life, for a few days. In pictures.

And can I just say - microsuede looks weird in flash photos. We recently got an essentially brand-new microsuede couch, and it does not look mottled and weird in person.

Shortly before the wisdom tooth expedition, my amazing friend Chelsea (more on her later), who is doing my wedding makeup, came by to do a trial run. I was in blazing agony, but I felt like a million bucks. She did the most amazing job. 

All I could eat afterwards, pretty much. And soup. No straw, of course. Smoothie with a spoon. Whomp whomp whomp.

Meijer haul.

Oh, look. It's my wandering house-taking-over jew. He's getting a little bit too big.

Violet's favorite time of the day: melatonin wrapped in bread time. It helps her be a normal dog.

My recovering nest.

Scariest nursemaid ever. Okay, okay, she was yawning for once, but still!

You think your tooth hurts, mom? Oh yeah? What if I crush your kidney with my foot? Take your mind off your pain? Ha, ha, ha.

Naptime in the E. house, at last.

The wedding shelf. One wedding shelf of several.

Flower girl dress and MOH dress, side by side in my closet.

The wedding to-do list and stack of reply cards. Oh boy.

Collie calendar!

He practices this look every day.

He sits like his a lot.

So back to my awesome friend Chelsea. Among all of the other awesome things that she does (professional makeup, anyone? Being mom of the year and general badass? Activism for several extremely worthy causes?), she also owns a successful business making nail polish. Amazing nail polish. You need to go check it out. Pretty & Polished - go ahead and click that. Look around. Buy yourself something nice. I'll give you a moment.

Back? Okay. Well, she made me this amazing custom polish in my wedding colors (purple and black, with some lavender and grey in there too). I've known this gal for about 5 years now, and she gets cooler every year. Truly, you need to be jealous. You wish you knew her and you wish you had my nail polish. But, take heart. You can go buy your own! It's Pretty & Polished if you need the link one more time.

Flea market find!

The only way that they allow Eric to watch TV.

Where Java lives when I'm on the computer. #1 Velcro Dog is what his coffee cup says.

Aww. They were sleeping like that before I picked up the camera.


  1. Glad you're feeling better. Love the nail polish!!

    Can you elaborate on the melatonin? How much, and how it works?

  2. Bowsers, we have that same calender. Small world.

  3. Looks at one calendar--cats and the'em. Happy you got the abscess taken care of they are awful. the nail polish looks cool and after this I'm off to check out the link. I loved every one of the photos and it was too cool to see some of your wedding party's gowns! Happy dogs and now happy bride-to-be. How's the groom to be doing? Hope he's happy! :D