Saturday, October 8, 2011

Piper and Violet's First Trip To The Dog Park

Today we took the girls to The Humane Society of Indianapolis Dog Park, and they loved it. Even the notoriously reserved and serious Piper was running free and making friends, having a great time. They have an agility center with some basic equipment. We're both interested in starting agility with our dogs (Piper is whip-smart and jumps like a supernatural being, and a Collie). We're waiting for our local Pawsitive Partners training facility to start a class that doesn't conflict with class times (it's in the works), but while they're at the energetic, spongey teenager stage I want to start teaching Violet some basics and demystifying the equipment for her. She can be somewhat anxious sometimes (she's come a long way), so I wasn't sure how she'd feel about the dog walk and things like that, but she was a pro. She went through the tunnel with hardly any hesitation, and once she'd been on top of the dog walk once, she was a-okay with living there forever.

Perhaps the highlight of the afternoon, for me - we saw another Collie! I'm kind of an idiot about Collies and Collie people right now, I'm so in love with them that I want some "Collie people" as friends too, and this handsome male practicing on the agility equipment was the first Collie that I'd seen since I've had Violet! I met one other Collie owner at Woofstock, and wanted to stay and chat with him for quite some time, and he didn't even have his dog there.

It was always easy to tell which dogs were housemates. When the energy was burned off, they crashed side-by-side underneath our picnic bench, front legs side-by-side.

They made friends.

HSI's cool artwork.

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