Saturday, November 26, 2011

Dachshunds, grandparents, so on.

My grandmother is 65 this week - we had our little family dinner last night. I told her that I'd bake whatever she wanted, and she requested a cherry pie. (Mom's in next month - she wants a cannoli cake.) They've gotten a new dachshund, Chloe (an 8 year old, short-haired black and tan dapple), since Lizzie's untimely death, and Eric met her for the first time. She warmed up to us after a bit. Here are pictures.

Chloe and my mother's dachshund, Jack.

Jack is a cutie pie.

My grandparents.

Eric is not a dachshund person, but Jack could win anyone over.

I tossed a stuffed squirrel at my Gramps and took a picture. I don't know, I had the giggles. It was pretty entertaining. Doesn't take much. 

My mother lives in the apartment building next door to my grandparents. Her dog Jack carried his squirrel the entire way home without setting it down once.


Also, Eric noted last night that we have 18 dog bones in the house that aren't missing. I didn't believe him. He showed me. Actually, there are 21.

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