Sunday, November 6, 2011

Pacmen/Violet Kills Toys

Dewey and Eric

Dewey and Eric

Violet kills toys. Not that I suspected a tennis ball was heavy duty, but I'm still on the hunt for a truly heavy duty (i.e., takes her 2+ months to kill it) toy. Christmas is coming.

At least she enjoys herself.

This wasn't even supposed to be a picture. I was taking a picture of Violet, and the camera glitched or something and the shutter clicked long after I'd moved the camera away from her and was just holding it in my lap...and caught this.


  1. Dewey is so adorable! I LOVE those freckles, too cute.

    My Ella loves to kill tennis balls, too. ;] Has Violet tried Planet Dog toys? Or any Kong toys? Those toys might last longer and the Planet Dog toys smell like mint which is amazing, lol.
    Good luck with your search for a long lasting toy!

  2. Thanks! :) He's an unnaturally good puppy.

    I have a couple of Kongs that I sometimes stuff with things (low-sodium peanut butter/fresh green beans, frozen, etc.), and she likes it when it's stuffed but it seems to bore her otherwise. She mostly likes soft toys, but she rips them to bits, and bones, but half the time she manages to destroy them in a week too. Have you tried antlers? I've thought about giving antlers a try. And I've seen but not bought the Planet Dog toys, I'll make a mental note to give them a second look next time I'm at the pet store! :)

  3. Yeah, my dogs don't enjoy the Kongs unless there are goodies inside, too, haha. But they do love the Kong Wubba toys and have several of them.

    We just recently tried antlers, actually! I bought a package of three and one of the three was much more popular than the rest. I have no idea why, but I'm guessing because it was thicker, so the marrow in the middle was too and that's their favorite part. They passed that one around for a week or so before I had to take it (they chewed it down too small). It lasted three dogs a week and it wasn't very big (lengthwise) to begin with, so I thought that was really good. And they still have the other two, which they like, they just aren't crazy about them like they were with that other one.

    If you can find them at a local store (that Violet would be allowed in), have Violet sniff them and see if she's interested in them.
    I've also read great things about the Himalayan chews. My dogs haven't tried them yet, but they're on our list. :]

  4. Mine love Wubbas, but Violet kills Wubbas. She gnaws off the dangley bits and dismantles the top part. Thanks for the info on antlers, I think I'll give them a try. :) I've never heard of Himalayan chews!

  5. Hahaha, a few of our Wubbas have suffered the same fate! ;]
    And no problem! I hope you find her the perfect toy.