Sunday, November 6, 2011

We went to the park with the dogs today, then to my grandparents' house. They lost their five year old dachshund, Lizzie, very unexpectedly on Thursday. She began vomiting and became lethargic overnight Wednesday. When they took her to the vet (my second clinic, I worked there for two years, and Dr. Borst, the owner goes to church with my grandparents) first thing in the morning, her temperature was 98 degrees (well below normal for a dog), and she was salivating. The clinic ran bloodwork, and everything was off. She died on the table shortly thereafter, and they were left suspecting antifreeze poisoning. My grandparents live in an apartment with no yard and walked her every time she was outside, but she could have licked something in a parking space. Very sad. The dog was truly a landshark, but she was great with them and they loved her very much.

We went to their apartment today to check on them and bring a sympathy card (Granny is doing well, she's had several dogs and is perhaps a little more accustomed to the grief of losing one, and Lizzie was more his - Gramps is still very, very torn up about it), and my mother was also there with her new dog, Jack, a black and cream longhaired dachshund. He's a very sweet boy. I took a lot of pictures today.

Violet on the way to the park. She has some recent car anxiety, I'm not 100% sure what to do about it but I've been trying to take her on short, frequent trips with lots of positive reinforcement. She seems to be improving, but you can see the anxious body language here.

Butt feathers. Eric says, "She looks like she's wearing pants." She does.

Little Dewey, big world.

I kept trying to get a picture of Violet, and she just kept talking.


My grandparents.


The last of fall's mums.

My grandmother had this chalkboard in her kitchen in the house in Michigan for as long as I can remember, including when she met Gramps, 15 years ago. At some point shortly after they met (at the tender age of 50), he wrote her initials (JAG) and a heart on it when she wasn't looking. She never erased it, even when she moved to Indiana a year ago.

They're fake.

Jack. New kid in the family.

My (long deceased) great grandfather's shaving supplies.


  1. Okay, I made a comment and managed to delete by mistake when I tried to edit it. So hope I can remember all of what I said! First, I love your photos--they are eclectic and fascinating--the mums, the vintage shaving supplies and your lovely dogs. So Violet was talking--lol--I wondered what was happening :) I can relate to your grandparents' loss; I just had to have my cat put down last month. I rescued him when he was a kitten and very sick and nursed him back to health. He was 12 years old and had heart problems. The meds were causing problems with his kidneys and medicine for the kidneys would have compromised his heart. He had personality plus--everyone, including non-cat lovers--loved him. I've lost a number of cats due to health problems over the last 35 years, but it's never any easier. I've cried buckets. Thanks for sharing, I really loved this post.

  2. Thank you very much, Lorelei! Thanks for the lovely compliments and I'm sorry to hear about your cat. He sounds like a sweetheart, and it sounds like he got lucky having such a loving owner for 12 years. :)