Tuesday, November 29, 2011

First-ish snow.

At nine, six, and four months old, this will be Violet, Piper, and Dewey's first winter. So far they've have had their first tiny-bit-of-dusting-on-the-ground snow a few weeks ago, and their first seeing-the-flakes-fall today. Still waiting on the first real snow.

Snoozy Collie.

Licking snowflakes.

Collie ornament.


  1. Enjoyed the photos and love the collie ornament--you're already decorated for Christmas? Good for you :D I am not--I always procrastinate lol :(

  2. I have no choice, Eric's whole family puts everything up ON Thanksgiving. As soon as dinner is cleaned up. It's one of the only things that my famously stoic fiancé gets excited about, so I have to go along with it. That tradition had to have been created by a man.