Sunday, January 15, 2012

Return of the...

1. Dewey (still Dexter)
2. Prodigal Blogger
3. Picture Taking

When Dewey, who we shall continue to call Dexter for the duration of this post, went to live with Allyson and her family, I made sure to let them know that they had lifetime tech support for him, in the sense that I would take him back if necessary, answer any training or medical questions to the best of my ability, dog-sit should they ever need to go somewhere that they couldn't take him, etc. They had the opportunity to take a little vacation for part of this week, so I was more than happy to have him here for the duration. It has been uneventful. He thinks we're lame now, and is continually looking at me with his paws over his face like "I just got outta this place, when are my people coming back? They're a lot more fun than you losers." Soon, Dex, soon.

"I'll just chew my foot until you get the point, then."

In other news...

Violet likes to zoom.

And yell.

The girls are both doing amazingly on stay, which makes picture taking so much easier.

Eric taught Piper "bow," complete with a very elaborate and fancy-looking hand signal, in under a day. Unbelievable.

First week of school is done. I like all of my professors, and I more or less like my classes. Classical The lecture is interesting and the professor is good but the amount of homework is astronomical. Eric spent a solid eight hours just reading the assigned chapters, which I also have to read. I started on them yesterday and let me tell you, it is not interesting reading. You may think that it would be (I thought it would be), but it's not.

Wedding planning is coming along. The venue, catering, DJ, photographer, and officiant are more or less done and dealt with. It's clear that I'm just going to have a "Forgot something for our wedding and it's the day of," "Walking down the aisle in a sheet," "No one shows up at the wedding," "Every vendor completely screws up their role" dreams every single night, now. They were alarming at first, now I just expect them. Last night it was rings and the dress that I'd forgotten. It's new every night, and I assume it'll continue for the next 10 months.

The Christmas camera had a defect called "won't turn on," so it was sent back only to turn out to be backordered. My camera is half dead, so I figured I'd just not take any pictures until the new one came. Yeah, right. Violet and I headed out to the yard this morning, gimpy camera in hand.

Violet was not interested in participating. She wanted to talk instead.
(You may have noticed that she does not have the correct blaze on her nose. You can see, here, that she in fact just has it on upside down.)

I couldn't help but think of Two Collies and a Mutt's recent post as I reasoned with her that I had gone too long without taking any pictures, and if she'd just cooperate, it'd be over soon.

Reluctantly, she acquiesced.

For a few minutes, anyway.

I brought Piper outside, but she was far too preoccupied with the regional delicacy, Poopsicles, to participate for long.
Moments before they reversed course and barreled into my legs.

They paused to eat snow, and it was time to go inside, before Piper found more than just snow in there.


  1. LOL @ poopsicles! What a hoot, that 2nd picture of Dewey/Dexter I would swear he was smiling; even his eyes are "smiling". But then Violet and Piper's expressions are a crack-up, too. Looks like Violet is laughing at you in the 3rd picture down of her (and Piper). And then she gave you a nice profile shot :D Sorry about your "bridal nightmares" :('s still funny...(sorry)

  2. Great pics! I love the freckles on Dewey/Dexter's nose. It must have been nice to babysit him. Life sounds pretty busy. Nice to see you still have time for your babies!

  3. Dexter looks pretty contemptuous.... Ty was real excited by the snow we got...