Monday, January 9, 2012

A Sorry-For-Being-A-Bad-Blogger Post In Pictures

The reason I've barely been on Blogger this week.

My grandmother watching my mom help me into the 1956 wedding dress that my stepmother so, so, so sweetly offered to let me wear, which she and her mother both wore.

Part of the dress that I love and may or may not be able to wear. When my stepmother wore it in the 80's, she had it altered from a smaller size to fit her - and she weighed 130lbs or less. I'm doing some pretty heavy work in the diet and exercise department but let's be real here, I don't weigh 130lb and probably won't in the next year. It can probably be further altered, but the lace sleeves are also shorter than my arms (in this picture they're not all the way up onto my shoulders) and the bodice is also shorter than my torso - I have long, lanky arms, and I just don't know if it can be altered all that much.

We'll see.

School starts tomorrow, and in preparation for my first math class I've done 200 algebra problems in the last two days. It's only just beginning.

So, I apologize if I'm a bad blogger in the coming weeks, but I won't be altogether absent, just frequently tardy.


  1. Thanks for following my blog, I'm returning the favour! Looks like a gorgeous wedding dress judging from that picture! And no worries, I was a "bad blogger" for a bit and just started trying to commit better more recently hehe. ;)

  2. The dress looks truly beautiful. Hopefully it can be altered. If not, then it wasn't meant to be. Good luck with your schooling!

  3. Sounds like you're trying to juggle 5 tennis balls in the air :) Do not worry about not being able to post as often as you'd like. Most bloggers go through periods like that, either because life interferes or they just go through a dry period. You'll eventually get into writing more often again. Meanwhile, the dress is so beautiful. I hope you get to use it, but if not something else just as wonderful will turn up, just as Bassetmomma says. Don't put more pressure on yourself to speed up your weight loss. You have plenty of pressure already :D