Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snow, sweet snow.

I took Piper and Violet outside for some nice, afternoon light, winter wonderland, maybe zoomie pictures.

Yeah, right.

They just wanted to eat the snow.

She bites the ground so hard her nose wrinkles.

Sisterly bonding.

Our dogs are freaks.

Especially her...

There were some lackluster zoomies, but really nothing to write home about.

I was standing in the doorway with numb fingers, beckoning them to come inside.
Nope. Never coming in.
So much for that whole plan.


  1. They better not eat all the snow! They won't have any to play in! LOL!

  2. Like they can't get a drink inside, they are just over the moon about eating snow LOL! Actually small children do the same thing. Too funny :D

  3. Ty is the same way, likes to eat the snow...

    Our Snow didn't cause us a problem, but the fact that snow turned to freezing rain did! What a mess...

  4. Gorgeous girls! Violet's coat is looking lovely!
    My dogs looove eating snow, too! Their noses wrinkle sometimes, too, hahaha.