Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Canal

We took the dogs to the Canal. My math class was unbearable and it felt like spring outside, so we hit the Canal downtown when it was finally over.

I just so happened to have the camera with me. "I'm gonna take some pictures of this tufty grass!" I said.


The dogs had other ideas. A few minutes later, I said "I'm gonna take some pictures of these red berry things!" There aren't even any surviving pictures from that attempt. Again, the dogs - overzealous from being cooped up lately during hectic class schedules and nasty weather - intervened.

The bark on this tree reminded me of elephant skin.

We "had to" take the dogs in an elevator on was more fun than I'll admit to. Felt like getting away with something, though there were no "no dogs" signs to be seen.

She was looming over me in the car, while we were waiting to pick up Adam from school.


  1. Big day for some anxious pooches! Success1 It wore them out! Great pictures but the last two I loooove!!!