Saturday, February 25, 2012


Violet's current interest in tennis balls corresponds perfectly with my current interest in figuring out my camera settings, and more specifically exploring differences in shutter speed. Unfortunately, they're probably a bit redundant for you, but today's were fun. I have a Superdog!

Meanwhile, Griffin is still here as a foster that we've been leaning toward keeping, and it's becoming clearer every day that he simply does not like us. He's aloof, hates to be touched, picked up, held. He's not anxious or fearful in any way, Violet likes him (it is not mutual), he's technically fitting in well, it's just clear that he is not that into us. We will continue to foster him as long as necessary regardless, but it's probably time to consider whether we're a good fit for him. We like him - he's an intelligent, funny, feisty puppy, but he definitely does not feel the same. Now, while he's still a foster pup and very young, is probably a better time to realize that than when he's a year old and still hates us.

So, we'll see how that develops. Maybe we'll grow on him. The ball's kind of in his court. If not, we'll foster him as we would have otherwise, and when he is done with all of his veterinary care and ready for a new home, revisit our dog situation.

In the meanwhile, Violet and I will keep on taking pictures in the backyard.


  1. Fantastic shots! Looks like you're both having fun! For me, looking at dog pictures (specifically Collie pictures) never gets old or redundant, haha.

    I hope Griffin warms up to you guys! If not, he was lucky to have such a fantastic foster home with you guys. :]

  2. We love the pictures of Super Violet. As for Griffin, we know you'll do what is best.

    Essex & Sherman

  3. Look at her go! She looks... I was going to say elegant, but then it looks like she didn't catch the ball every time, so I'll go with bouncy. Yes, she's very bouncy.

  4. I evidently missed this post (Blogger will not keep your blog on my dashboard no matter what I do, I have to access it directly from my own blog. Don't know why that is...Anyway, I'm sorry to hear about Griffin, hope he finds what he needs either with you or with another home, you've done all you can do. Perhaps his treatment before he came to you has made him unable to really warm up to anyone?