Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Very Mixed Post

Today has been all about ups and downs.

It's my birthday!

And I had a godawful math class.

I got a sweet ass camera from Mary for my birthday! Very unexpected. I thought we were done after the shoe-buying excursion.

And we discussed slope in class today, and I started thinking about German Shepherds and came appallingly close to crying, thinking about Piper.

And I think that I'll leave this part to Eric, and copy his response to Piper's memorial post on his dog forum...

All applies here.

"Thank you everyone for your support. It helps both of us to read the words of support from you all here, as we know that you all care about your dogs as much as we cared about Piper and care about Violet.

The house still feels really empty, I'm not sure I'll ever stop slipping up and thinking Piper will still be here. Violet is still very depressed, as is my fiancee.

We did end up going to the meet and greet yesterday evening to see how Violet would do and if she would perk up. The aussie puppies are through a rescue that I used to volunteer with when I was younger, they were very understanding of what we were going through and offered us an option of fostering one over the weekend to see how he would do here with us and how he would fit in and we could make a final decision on Monday.

If things work out I will make a post for him in the puppy forum, Violet and my fiancee love him...and I think it may help the healing process."

So, we have a little friend hanging out with us here. A blue merle, male, nameless Aussie puppy who has done wonders for lightening the mood of the entire house. We're weighing the pros and cons of resuming our two-dog status so soon after Piper, but the only advantage of waiting seems to be spending more time miserable and watching Violet miserable. She's been a new dog since he's been around. I'm sure some people would find a way to see it as "replacing" Piper, but that couldn't be more false. The grieving process for Piper will continue at the same pace regardless of whether we have one dog or two, and as of right now, this puffball is providing a lot of laughter, light, and distraction. You can't stay in bed sad all day when a puppy needs your attention.

So here are a strange assortment of pictures - several are nonsense, unedited close-ups just because I'm excited about the clarity of my new camera. Real pictures to follow, this weekend.

Testing the camera out in the car, waiting to pick up Adam.


My flats.

Birthday cupcakes! (Mary again.) Gourmet cupcakes. Red velvet. Oh hell yes.


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about Piper. :(

  2. What a darling little face :D Hope everything works out and glad to hear your little "visitor" cheered up Violet (and Brianne!) so much! Best wishes :)