Monday, August 27, 2012

Couch Company

Recently, an office-space was designated sort of "behind" our living room, in such a way that when I sit at my desk, my left shoulder almost brushes the back of the couch. This arrangement has been great on many levels, one of them being that the dogs have a bigger space to roam around in when I'm on the computer, doing homework, etc., instead of being holed up in the bedroom. I thought through a lot of pros and cons of this new arrangement before moving things around.

However, there was one thing that I somehow failed to even anticipate. It is a thing that I still am not sure if it's a pro or a con.

It's Violet. And Java.

They'd discovered by the end of Day 1 that they could easily gain access to me (my shoulder for head-resting, my food for stealing, my office supplies for inspecting and nosing to the ground, my ear for shoving their tongues into...) by bounding onto the couch and appearing over the back.

This is a geographical advantage that they have exploited to its absolute fullest. In fact, even as I type this, Violet is in the exact position shown above, sniffing my shoulder with great interest. I can only assume that it smells like rain, and college, and the grocery store, and maybe the cold leftover pizza I had for lunch, I guess. Whatever it is, she is transfixed.

This is where they post themselves now. They just stare. So if I follow your blog, please know, so do they. So do they.


  1. LOL!!! As you described your office space arrangement, I just knew where things were headed!! What a perfect spot for the dogs to be a part of your study activities!! I can just see Duffy doing the same thing, if the opportunity presented itself to him!! Maybe you can get them to proof read your essays???

  2. ROFL! I LOVE Violet's expression in the first picture. That's exactly what Petal would do, haha!
    Sounds like they are just loving your new arrangement. ;)