Saturday, August 25, 2012

Indianapolis Indians vs. Louisville Bats

Two days ago, I went to my first baseball game with my grandparents. Gramps got it in his head quite a while ago and bought the four of us front-row seats. I'd looked forward to it for months, and then the day came and I realized that baseball games last 3+ hours, and I have no idea how baseball even works, so if the novelty wore off quickly, it'd be a long 3+ hours. Everyone said that no one ever goes to these games, blah blah, I was kind of ehh by the time the day came.

Well, as it turned out, the stadium was pretty packed, so we didn't miss out on that baseball game feel. We got a couple of pretzels and a souvenir cup of Pepsi, and though I still don't know how the hell baseball works, it was really fun. The only downside: my camera was dead, and our seats were so great I could've gotten some awesome shots if I'd had it. All I got were cell phone shots.

Gramps on the way there.

Gramps at Victory Field.

We parked in one of our campus parking garages and walked the few blocks there. We passed the Canal on the way there, which amazingly my grandmother had never seen. I said I'd take her picture in front of it and she said "Great. Like a tourist." But she humored me.

Backlighting fail.

As we were leaving, a moth landed on Eric's cup while I was talking to my grandparents. He said later that he was "petting it" for a minute before he realized what he was doing. Once he realized, I guess he thought it was funny and touched my arm with it. I screamed. Moments later, this picture was taken. I look like kind of a freak, but whatever/

By the way, the Indians won. I was kind of sad. As much as I adore Indiana, the Bats were cool.

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