Monday, August 20, 2012

General Updates + Manny the Mantis

School started today! I kicked off the week with anthropology and psychology. So far I really like both of my professors, and all of my classes this semester are social science classes, which are fairly easy. I went light on myself. I'm getting married in two and a half months, and I'm not missing even a day of classes to do it, so it seemed like I should set myself up for success, yknow? So the semester is looking good so far.

I got my wedding band today! It is just beautiful. It looks perfect with my engagement ring. I'll be going shortly to pay off the ceremony and reception venue and catering. My sister's maid of honor dress has been ordered, and it is perfect for her. Now, I have to make a final choice on my own dress. I'm significantly behind on this (and getting more so by the day), but I'm still on the fence.

My throat hurts, and I've been around someone with strep. Next week may be a bad one.

Without further ado, I bring you...the praying mantis that made himself at home on my mailbox. He was creepy. Intensely creepy. I had to get right up close to him to get the shots, and I was sure he was going to jump onto my hands and...take me back to his home planet, or something. He didn't, but wow.

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  1. Praying mantises are fascinating and your photos of this one are wonderful. His almost mint green color is amazing!