Sunday, November 4, 2012

6 Days: A Pretty Laid Back Day (Considering)

  • Woke up to a very frosty morning, but no rain, which was nice. Forecast for Saturday is now at 60 degrees, 10% chance of rain. Better and better!
  • The wisdom tooth has held steady today! That is a major pro.
  • Went to church. Today was technically our last new member class - there's one more on the 11th, but we won't be there, so this was both our last new member class and our last time at church as an unmarried couple. I had serious ants in my pants during church. Signed the fellowship pad and told Eric that it was the last time I'd sign it for us with two last names.
Our church had a pumpkin patch this year!

Heavenly Lutheran coffee cake.

I really love our church.

My grandparents.

  • Used all of my persuasive powers to convince my sister to stay at our grandmother's with me on Friday night. Potential success! It lies in her boss's hands whether she can have the necessary day off. We'll know tomorrow. A slumber party would be way fun.
  • Went to the store for more vases for the bridal table, and batteries for one rather complicated display.
  • Watched Bridezillas and had lunch. Had been worried that I'd become one. Was reassured that I haven't.
  • Put together our signature frame.
  • Read my anthropology homework.

  • Sorted out the vase/table "number" that goes at the bridal table. It says "mister and missus." Texted my sister a picture. She said, "Did you mean to misspell misses?" Googled it for the second time, since the best man said the exact same thing. Nope, it's missus. I hope everyone there doesn't think that same thing.
  • Made beef tips and egg noodles for dinner.
  • Played some Sims! I've been trying to for days. Stopped frequently to clean. There's no reason to be all stressed out in a messy house, especially this week.
One of my most recently married-in Sims. This gal is too cool. This part's for you, Lorelei!

  • Watched The Walking Dead. Cried a little. If you watch it, you know why. Cleaned during commercials.
  • That's all. For 6 days out, it was practically a leisure day. 

Eric's Toaster Strudel. Yep. It's like that around here. Do note Natty's spooky face in the bottom right.

Some snuggly dogs were scattered here, there... 

And everywhere.

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