Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thursday 11-8-12

Thursday was the day that things really got real. First order of business was bringing all of our stuff like centerpieces, signature mat, ring-bearer pillow, etc. to the venue for the drop-off. There we met Rebecca, a coordinator who looked a lot like Julie Andrews, and she had the stern/efficient demeanor down. I won't lie, I was kind of scared of her. The couple before us pretty much got told to go home and start over, because they had done their shopping on Wednesday. Nothing was assembled, they'd forgotten half their stuff, had too much of other stuff... Luckily, we had all of ours "right" and got to go about our way without being yelled at by Julie Andrews.

They gave us this super handy wire rack for bringing all of our stuff in.

Next, we went to try on/pick up Eric's tux. I had never seen him in a tux before.

I was not really prepared for how amazing he would look. This picture is the wallpaper on my phone now.

We went to the mall to get my eyebrows threaded (ouch), and then a manicure, and then lunch. The manicure really took some getting used to - I occasionally had my nails done as a teenager and hated it. At first, I still hated it. Now, a week and a half later, I'm planning to get a fill-in in a few days. So they did eventually grow on me.

Then it was back to the tux place to get the best man and one of the groomsmen into their tuxes. Above is Eric's younger brother, Adam, the best man.

And his cousin, James.

Stay tuned for Friday's round-up, tomorrow!

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  1. That's pretty bad you had to be afraid of "Julie Andrews" lol!