Saturday, December 31, 2011

Ringing in 2012 with an overnight guest.

This morning, we got a call from Tri State Collie Rescue. I'd been planning to shoot them an e-mail next week to see if they had anything they needed help with, but they called out of the blue this morning and asked if we were available for a transport today. A litter of 10 week old Collie/mostly Collie pups had been brought to an Ohio shelter and one smooth sable male needed transport that would require the help of four volunteers to get him from his original location to what I assume is his foster home in Martinsville, IN, about an hour south of where we live. The woman who was pulling him from the shelter was waiting around near the shelter, which was an hour and a half from her house, to see if the rest of the transport chain would come together. She couldn't take him to her house for any length of time, she was battling Giardia with her own dogs. The lady after her was a go. We were a go. But the pick-up/foster in Martinsville couldn't do it tonight unless it was urgent. Which is how Smooth Operator, as Eric nicknamed him, ended up with us overnight, until we take him to Martinsville tomorrow afternoon. I'm thrilled that my dog is finally mostly an adult; I'm really not all that much of a puppy person. I enjoy adult dogs more...but it's been very fun having this sweet little guy around. He's underweight and has spent his whole life outdoors, but he is so...unbelievably...sweet. He's cuddly and loving to the point of clingy, he's the biggest kisser on the planet.

The adults are unsure about this interloper.

Violet reluctantly shares her water bowl.

Hungry pup.

His spot, all night.

Or here...between our his-and-hers sheep pjs.

Or here...

Maybe here, too...

And a little bit of here.

He's really, really adorable. I hope he ends up with a very happy home in 2012.

Speaking of which, 2012. It's going to be a really big year. This is the year that I will/intend to...
  • Get married.
  • Start a family.
  • Lose a certain amount of weight, or if nothing else, better health is inevitable with frequent exercise and a revamped cooking plan.
  • Compete with Violet for the first time.
  • Watch Eric compete with Piper for the first time.
  • Get Violet's CGC.
  • Maybe give herding a go, if we can find the time.
  • Start college.
  • Buy a second car.
  • Recarpet the house.
  • Put up a privacy fence? Maybe/probably.
  • Continue to volunteer at the daycare, and continue to do my small part to help Collies with TSCR.

I have never been so excited about a year in my life.


  1. Girl, you have a lot on your plate! lol But you're young and you can pull it off. You may need a few de-stress backup plans though. Look out for those "kissers" they'll just kiss their way into your heart. I found a kissy kitten 12 years ago and letting him adopt me was the best thing I ever did years ago. OTOH, you have your hands full with your own pooches. I LOVE the photo where Violet is looking up into the camera while puppy drinks her water. She looks like "why me?" lol!

  2. P.S. Happy New Year to you and all your loved ones!

  3. Yeah, she thinks she's long-suffering. Having just had to let Dewey go because it's no time for a puppy, I think Sir Smooch-a-lot is safe, but I certainly hope he gets a family who loves him as much as he'll love them. He's a good egg. De-stress plans are really the one plan I need to make! I'm no good at that. I go until I can't anymore and then I'm useless for longer than I want to be while I get my steam back. There has to be a better way. That, and a wedding DJ. I feel like DJ issues are on my horizon, but that's another post.

  4. Good luck on all your endeavors in this new year! That "smooth operator".....what a sweetheart!!