Tuesday, December 27, 2011


There are no quality pictures to be had today. Most of these are cell phone pictures, as the camera is whatever's between on its last leg and dead.

At the daycare last week, we asked the four year olds what they wanted for Christmas and tacked them up underneath a paper tree on the bulletin boards.

I hear you, Mya. I'd like a guy, a house, and a baby in the house, too. Halfway there.

What four year old wants a fruit basket for Christmas?

A pretty ballsy request.

Ms. Edith is a preschool teacher with a six month old baby of her own. No surprise here.

It snowed today! We've had "first snow of the year where there were flakes falling from the sky," and "first light dusting of snow," but today was the first real snow. Half the kids didn't show up for daycare, so the three and four year old rooms were combined. They were entranced.

I was excited to get home and see what the dogs thought about it. They loved it.

Speaking of the camera dying - time for that Christmas present round-up post!
We were extremely fortunate.
The house (Eric, Adam, me, Mary) has...
  • A Wii system, with games and a Wii Fit, some other things. Holy cannoli, I did not see that one coming.
  • An electronic Monopoly game.

 I have...
  • A beautiful Collie tote bag to use when school starts in January. The dog on it looks a lot like Violet, and has a purple background - my favorite color.
  • A stocking full of school supplies and cow tales, including a super cute hippo flash drive and purple paper clips.
  • A recipe binder that I desperately needed and wanted.
  • An Archiver's gift card.
  • A cookbook (with adorable cookie cutters) of organic dog treat recipes.
  • Two Sims 2 stuff packs. For the Sims fans out there (I'm talking to you, Lorelei) - IKEA and Kitchen & Bath. Yes!
  • My favorite perfume - big bottle.
  • A brand new purple camera. Yessss! I am super excited to get to try it out.
  • Hungry Girl 300 Under 300 - the cookbook I've been lusting after.
  • Some hair ties from Cassie.
  • Photo coasters.
  • A candle.
Eric has...
  • The German Shepherd Dog: A Genetic History by Malcolm Willis.
  • A shirt that says "Evolution of the German Shepherd" with the evolution line and a GSD as the final thing.
  • An agility class with Piper.
  • Lord of the Rings Triology. Sigh.
  • A training vest for Piper. Seeing a theme here?
  • A Madden Game for the Wii.
  • A picture frame.
  • Socks, which may be his favorite gift.
  • More Wii controllers.
  • An iPod with very nice speakers.

Cookbook cover.

Cookbook back cover.

Recipe cards!

Collie bag. 

It was a very blessed Christmas.


  1. Ahhh, the collie bag with violet flowers and a Violet facsimile--love it! You will love the stuff packs! :D "Hungry Girl--300 under 300" sounds interesting. I love cookbooks but some of my favorite recipes are for 4 to 6 people (and I'm only one here) so I only get to make them for holidays :( On the other hand since I've gotten older I'm less and less excited to cook regularly, probably in direct proportion to how bad my back is getting. Love to hear about what is done in an agility class! So glad to hear you had a wonderful Christmas :)

  2. I already love the stuff packs! I'm in love with a new wall color called something like Awash in Autumn (something like that) that's sort of a dark, mossy green, and the flowers in a vase that come with IKEA. I've been playing all day. I usually hate decorating and get Eric to do it for me (he prefers setting up houses, I prefer playing them, it works), but I'm having way too much fun exploring my new stuff. I got some custom content bunkbeds recently that have changed the lives of my Sims with big families.

    With the wedding now 11 months away (probably less than that by now but my brain is stuck at 11 months) it is serious weight loss time, so I've been on the hunt for a healthy cookbook that's not full of yucky stuff. I have not yet developed my refined big-girl palate, I tend to like pretty simple stuff, and it looks like the HG cookbook has some great stuff. (And some questionable stuff. A few of the recipes lost me at "tofu noodle substitute." I'll never be desperate enough to eat something with that name.)

    I can't wait to find out what's in the agility class, too! Eric's taking it with Piper, but I'll be tagging along to watch. I hope to take the same class with Violet, in a few months, when she's a little better at training with distractions. This is the way we do it; he trudges down unfamiliar roads, I tag along and take notes and then do the same thing. Ha! He's in his final year at the same school I'm just starting at in 2 weeks. Works for me.

    And I hope that you had an excellent Christmas as well. :)

  3. Oooo! Where did you get the bunk beds, if you don't mind my asking! LOL at "I'll never be desperate enough..." I agree wholeheartedly :D That's definitely a working arrangement with Eric and the Sims!

  4. I'm a little bit afraid of Mod The Sims usually because you just never know, but I wanted bunk beds so desperately I was willing to take a risk. Searched MTS for "bunk" and downloaded a few - I've had no issues with corrupted files or anything since I got them a few weeks ago. My favorite set is probably the Grand Trianon by rebecah, though there's a "Happy Youth" and a "Trendy Youth" set that are also nice, I just aesthetically prefer the Trianons. They're fully functional for adults or children with a cute ladder to the top bunk, the animation for getting onto the top bunk is SLIGHTLY weird, it looks to me like the same animation for climbing stairs, which looks slightly weird since you would use your hands more if you were climbing to an upper bunk, but it's not bad and I'm otherwise very happy with them. I have several "Marry Off Six Children" LTWs going right now so I'm loving being able to comfortably put all six in a medium/large room, or put twins in a single smaller room, etc.

  5. Sounds like a great Christmas. Love your Collie bag!

  6. ooo, love the bag, would love to know where it came from, :)

  7. He said it's handpainted from a private seller on ebay, wouldn't tell me more than that. I love it. :)